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In late 2000 I had been shopping for new furniture and found myself frustrated at the time it took shopping from store to store searching for the right furniture for my home, I did not find much direction from the salespeople and I felt disappointed at the high prices.  Not to mention, my young children just didn’t seem to like being toted around.  I was ready to make a change in shopping for the home and ready to start a business of my own.  I worked intensely, taking one order at a time, renting trucks to personally deliver furniture and sent many thank you notes to loyal clients and vendors that were willing to take a chance on a home furniture and decor business that did not fall under a usual furniture store business model. 


A few years later I established my business after the commitment, determination and idea that I’d like to take the stress out of shopping for your home, make shopping convenient, offer a tremendous savings and make every client special by providing personalized customer service. 

Interior Incentives is not like a typical brick and mortar store nor is it like an impersonal ecommerce website.  I take pride in giving every client special attention and in providing your family with items that will create a home filled with love, comfort and beauty.  There is no showroom with the associated overhead fees; this allows me to pass the saving to you.  No pushy salespeople and no club membership fees.  Just great furniture, great accessories, anything you’ll need to beautify your home and your life.   

How It  Began

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